Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Egely Wheel

You can check, measure and increase your own life energy level with this device. The device also helps to prevent illnesses and to make your health better according to your own personality and way of life. It is very simple to use. The device has won many international invention awards.
The Egely Wheel Vitality Meter is the result of many years of intense scientific development. Although the basic of the phenomenon are not yet fully understood, extensive control experiments have proven that the rotation of the wheel during measurement is not driven by heat, convection, or electromagnetic energy.

Tivo Digital Recorder

TiVo DVRs are like VCRs, but with a hard disk and without the hassles of videotapes.

TiVo automatically finds and digitally records your family's favorite shows so you'll never "forget" to schedule a recording again.

With TiVo you can watch your favorite shows on your own time. At last, TV fits into your busy life, not the other way around